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542 Avenue L South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7M 2H4





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We believe we are the CLEAR choice for all your window cleaning requirements and hope this site will help you arrive at the same decision. If we have done work for you over the past twenty plus years you won't need convincing but if you aren't familiar with us this site should help.

We are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and have been in business since 1984. Our company currently serves the Saskatchewan marketplace and provides that service when you need it, 24/7/365. DJ's succeeds because we understand that outstanding customer service isn't optional, it drives everything we do and our customers deserve nothing less.

Q: So, what is it that we do so well?

A: Window cleaning, construction cleanup, eaves trough cleaning, window caulking, commercial snow removal, commercial spray washing. We will take on any job that is airborne. And that's not all!

DJ'S Windows & Aerial Access is the ONLY company in Saskatchewan to offer a wide selection of swing stages and rigging.
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