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373 Poulin Avenue
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Area of Business:Computer and Computer Software Stores
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A simple analogy illustrates the evolution of IT services. In the early days of computerization, service providers, whether in-house or external, operated in a reactive mode. In other words, if you had a sore tooth, they came and pulled it.

Next came the proactive mode, with your service provider delivering regular checkups to your IT system, ultimately reducing the number of teeth that had to be pulled. This usually involved scheduled service visits to your site and served to increase the reliability of your equipment beyond the break-fix approach, by keeping the system maintained.

Now, an even better method exists whereby an outsourced IT service provider can, to extend the analogy, brush your teeth regularly for you. By working seamlessly in the background, a Workshift Elite Platform provider can deliver monitoring, maintenance and upgrades seamlessly to your IT systems, freeing you to focus on your core business.

The Workshift Elite Platform approach has been readily embraced by a number of industries, proving its long term value and demonstrating that it is not just another service scheme invented by the IT industry. Working with a service provider who has committed to delivering a specific, measurable service level not only reduces your risk and concern regarding systems performance and availability, it also ensures that your “Virtual CIO” has greater accountability to you.

Workshift Systems Corporation is one organization offering this new outsourced IT approach, delivering true value to small and medium sized businesses throughout the Ottawa area. Once systems have been brought up to a maintainable level, including the appropriate versions of software and security tools, the Workshift Elite Platform model gives you a predictable monthly expense and the regular, customized service you need to keep your systems optimized and fully functioning.

Given that your company’s IT infrastructure is an integrated system that can include networks, servers, applications and more, an integrated approach to management is the best way to ensure each component is fully functioning and interacting appropriately will all other elements in your technological toolkit. Workshift Elite Platform is the most affordable way to achieve this fully integrated support, with a single contact point and swift remediation for any issues that might occur throughout your infrastructure.

An added bonus is that the majority of the work is performed offsite via a Remote Desk, delivering excellent service with fewer face time interruptions. You also benefit from a dedicated Client IT Manager who understands your company and is able to suggest productivity improvements to help you get the most out of your existing IT investment. In addition, Workshift’s Elite Platform model includes Quarterly Business Reviews to discuss your company’s strategic direction and how to better use IT to meet your current and future business objectives. The businesses goals should drive IT.

Chris Greenwood of MKI Travel & Conference Management in Ottawa explains that before Workshift Systems Corporation came on board, the company had a full time IT person who wasn’t actually being utilized full time. “He just didn’t have the level of expertise and knowledge we were looking for. We were missing out on timely information on market trends and how the latest technology could be leveraged for our business, so we signed up for Workshift’s Workshift Elite Platform. This gave us a modern solution for our growing company and a robust network that could evolve with us and allow us to operate globally.”

“They helped us execute on a key component of our global strategy,” says Chris. “With Workshift, we have gained a specialization which is making us more competitive in the marketplace. The thin client/terminal services technology they implemented means we can operate just as effectively anywhere in the world as in the office. As a result, it has given us the ability to offer our services anywhere, anytime. Workshift really is a valued technology partner – we present the issues, they build a solution.”

With businesses of any size now relying heavily on information technology, even the slightest disruption of services can have significant impact. As networks and other IT infrastructure become more indispensable, they are also becoming more complex. The effects of downtime can include lost productivity, lost data, lost revenue and degraded customer service. No business can afford IT failure, but the cost of preventing it in-house might be prohibitive; that’s why outsourcing your IT management makes good business sense.

Workshift Systems Corporation’ Elite Platform are the latest cost-effective approach to providing critical support that not only reduces your overall technology costs, but also give you the power to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly technological and competitive world.
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