Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute

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453 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6R4





Area of Business:Vocational School
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Founded in a long tradition of excellence, Le Cordon Bleu's reputation has endured by actively keeping our courses up to date and industry relevant by constantly adapting to the current and future needs of culinary, tourism and hospitality services.

Due to our expertise and innovation in the culinary arts, our graduates leave us with a diploma that is acknowledged worldwide - a passport for life that differentiates them from the crowd in a demanding and ever changing industry. Our philosophy, based on French l'Art de Vivre, the Art of Living Well, strives to maintain and support the long standing culinary excellence of Auguste Escoffier, the Father of French Cuisine, and Paul Bocuse, one of the finest chefs of the 20th century. While the chefs of today are faced with the challenge of adapting to modern demands, Le Cordon Bleu continues to respect and maintain the traditions that have been the cornerstone of French gastronomy for over 500 years.
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Vocational School
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