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960 Limeridge Rd E # 56
Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 2C4



Area of Business:Housing Assistance, Housing Projects, Housing Authorities
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Winkleigh Co-op was created to offer good-quality housing for members at a fair price in a community we control together. We keep our housing affordable by giving help to low-income members as far as we can, caring for our units so that they will last and operate without the aim of earning a profit. We use any surplus we earn to meet our future needs or to improve our services.

Winkleigh is comprised of members who want more than just a place to live. It provides its members with a sense of belonging to, and involvement in a community of people; a community which can control the quality and cost of its housing.

Winkleigh Co-op is looking for people who are intersted in sharing in the advantages and responsibilities of co-operative living;people who will be positive participants in the active co-operative community.

Most decisions are made by the members of the Co-op.
Much of the work and planning is done by the members as volunteers.
Each member is required to attend ALL General Members’ Meetings.

There are usually 4 meetings per year. All major decisions are made by the members at these meetings, such as passing the annual budget, electing the Board of Directors, Approving large expenditures and setting the annual housing charges.

Day to day decisions are handled by the Board of Directors. The board typically consists of 7 members of the co-op, elected by the General Membership.
The board hires an administrator who is responsible for running the office
The staff reports regularly to the board and handles most correspondence.
Ultimately, the board is responsible to the general membership and must report to them at each General Members’ Meeting.

The general membership forms committees, which have a specific purpose and job description.
The work of the committees is an an essential and important part of the proper function and growth of any co-op.
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Housing Assistance, Housing Projects, Housing Authorities
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