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2727 Courtice Rd C3
Courtice, Ontario, L1E 3A2



Area of Business:Physical Fitness, Fitness Center, Nutrition
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The Curves 30-minute workout exercises every major muscle group and burns up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching. But we've always known that the best solution for weight loss requires a complete approach. You need exercise to boost your metabolism, a diet that starves fat and feeds muscle, and the encouragement and support necessary to stay on track. With this in mind, we introduced Curves Complete - a complete program with exercise, meal plan and one-one-on coaching - all in one program, and all in one place. Curves Complete has been proven to reduce fat and increase lean muscle, all while boosting metabolism.

Why Choose Curves:

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world with thousands of locations in over 90 countries.
Curves first opened in 1992 as the first fitness and weight-loss facility designed for women.
Curves provides a one-stop program which includes exercise, diet, and one-on-one coaching all in one place with Curves Complete.
A Curves 30 minute workout can burn up to 500 calories and works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching.
Curves Complete coaches are certified by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.
Curves Wellness works with major insurance providers and large employers offering.
Curves constantly innovates with new programs such as Curves Smart, Curves Circuit with Zumba fitness and Curves Complete.
Curves has helped millions of women lose weight, gain strength, and get fit.
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Physical Fitness, Fitness Center, Nutrition
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