Killarney Agricultural Society

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42 Water Street
Killarney, Manitoba, R0K 1G0



Area of Business:Agricultural Campground Manitoba, Agricultural Society Manitoba
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The Killarney Agricultural Society was established in 1882, twenty-five years before Killarney became an official town.

The Ag Society is responsible for organizing, implementing, and basically planning the events of the yearly summer fair in our town and surrounding area. We rely on generous donations and volunteers to make the fair a success every year. We are also responsible for the maintenance, general upkeep, and the day-to-day running of the Agricultural Campground located on Water Street on the bay.

In past years the Ag Society has expanded, and through the help of local government and provincial grants, we have been involved in several projects to enhance our local environment for residents of Killarney and for tourists.

We have completed an expansion of the campground adding more sites and updating the electrical and sewer, and now the campground has more than 100 serviceable sites. Recently we have applied for a Forest Enhancement Grant through Manitoba Hydro. We received the news that the project was approved this winter. In late April or early May of this year (2008), the Ag Society will be planting over 200 trees and shrubs in the campground area. With the generous donation from the Killarney Fund, we are building new bleachers for the fair over the next four years. This year we will have two of the four for the fair.

We are always looking for new people to join the Killarney Ag Society; volunteer, or just participate in the fair. For more information please contact us at
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