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42410 South Sumas Rd
Vancouver, British Columbia, V2R 4W3





Area of Business:Motor Vehicle Part
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A1 Casper Recycling Inc. has been a family owned and operated business for over 10 years. In fact, 75% of our employees are family members! We remove scrap cars and trucks free of charge and are also capable of removing cube vans, buses, old semis, vehicles without wheels and vehicles in underground parking with our fast, friendly, courteous service. If necessary, we can make special arrangements if the owner of the vehicle cannot be present. Also, with the right paper work, we can remove the registered owners name from the vehicle. We do public towing at wholesale prices locally, to or from the island, through the Okanagan and the Cariboo. We have six trucks, five deck trucks and one wrecker. Our trucks are fully insured and cover your vehicle while it's towed. Over the years, we have given back to our community by towing for different charities and are now proud to sponsor the Sunshine Foundation: Dreams for Kids charity. We service the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley from Horseshoe Bay to Agassiz.
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Motor Vehicle Part
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