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256 North Copper Road, Box 309
Greenwood, British Columbia, V0H 1J0





Area of Business:Hotel and Motel
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Greenwood is not only the smallest city in Canada, but also a great Canadian tourist attraction. Located along Highway #3 nestled in the Kootenay Boundary region of southern British Columbia. Greenwood has an amazing compilation of attractions ranging from historical sites to the sheer natural beauty of BC’s provincial, historical, cultural and mining heritage. Should you be looking for a somewhere special to spend a few days at a tourist attraction or are looking for some quiet time in order to get in touch with yourself, nature, or BC's provincial heritage, Greenwood is a great place to be.

Anyone who has ever travelled Highway #3 through the Kootenay Boundary region has seen first hand the stunningly beautiful old architecture lining the highway in Greenwood’s downtown core, but it doesn’t end there, tourists are invited to come to Greenwood where they can easily spend as much as a few days or merely a few hours exploring the historic beauty of the surrounding area. You can move from one attraction to the next without ever traveling very far.

The tourist attractions of BC's Kootenay Boundary region include scenic Boundary Creek where just outside of Greenwood on you can see Boundary Falls an impressive waterfall located a short two-minute walk from the highway. After that you may want to kick back and relax, try taking a tour up to Jewel Lake Fishing Resort where the world’s largest fresh water trout was caught. Maybe you can break that record…

After leaving Jewel Lake you may want to take a look at the Tunnel of Flags. It is a beautiful old train tunnel that was unearthed in the 1990s when a newer tunnel on Highway #3 was blasted and removed.

From here you can park your car and hike in either direction along the magnificent Trans Canada Trail and take in the wondrous natural beauty. A natural beauty one could never see in another Southern British Columbia tourist location. Tourists can take advantage of the impressively beautiful historic view on the Phoenix driving tour, then go to the museum and take in all of the history and beauty the Kootenay Boundary region has become famous for. While you are at the museum don't forget to book a tour of our historical City Hall (featured in the movie ‘Snow Falling on the Cedars’ starring Ethan Hawke).
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