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21110 108 Ave Nw
Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 1X4





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Sonex Construction Ltd. is an Edmonton based pipeline and facilities contractor, incorporated in 1989. Sonex is an independently owned business, whose primary objective is to specialize in oil and gas facility, pipeline construction, and maintenance.

Sonex believes in dedication combined with experience and knowledge to please our client. Employees are our strongest resource, properly trained in areas such as safety, dangerous goods handling and trade certificates. It is our policy to ensure that the composite of our work force reflects the community in which our project is located and respects the community in which it is based.

The Pipeline and Facilities construction divisions are very successful. Sonex Construction Ltd. constructs pipeline projects and facility tie-ins for various companies throughout Alberta. These projects range in size up to 100 km in length. Sonex is capable of providing services up to 16 '' line pipe diameter and projects to $7.5 million. Within each pipeline there are facility tie-ins and wellhead hook ups. We also supply services for steel and fiberglass pipe installation, have installed numerous process facilities and do maintenance work as required. Sonex is capable of providing shop welding and internal coating service through the Edmonton Branch.

The company is registered with the Alberta Boilers' and B.C. Boilers' Branch for design and fabrication of oil and gas process equipment, pressure vessels, and pipe spooling.

Since 2000, Sonex Construction Ltd. has been undertaking civil construction projects.

Sonex specializes in:

Pipeline Installations and Repairs
Pipe Fabrication
Facilities Installations

- Compressor Stations

- Metering / Regulating Stations

- Dehydrator Packages

- Well-site Seperator Packages

- Piling Work
Commissioning and Decommissioning
Oil & Gas Processing Packages
Civil Construction

- Water & Sewer Installations

- Water treatment plant construction

- Waste management facilities

- Subdivision site preparation

- Highway and road construction

Environmental Control

In all projects Sonex Construction Ltd. strives to:

Maintain quality and excellence to provide our client with a quality project in a safe and productive time frame.
Maintain interests of individual landowners.
Follow and adhere to government policies and programs.
Maintain conservation of soil resources and agronomy.
Maintain surface water quality.
Protect public and private property.
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