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Area of Business:Horse stables, Horse stables in Calgary, Horse stables in Alberta

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Heated Indoor Arena:
Come take advantage of our spacious 80' x 180’ heated, well-lit indoor arena. Newly renovated, our arena boasts a modernized ventilation system. An excellent reining footing, comprised of a premium clay base topped with washed sand is watered and harrowed daily for optimal riding conditions. In the future, the arena will also feature a flag for training Working Cow Horses.
Outdoor Arena and Slide-Track:
Enjoy our 100' x 200’ outdoor arena and 150' x 300’ slide track with a mountain backdrop for pleasant summer rides. The outdoor footing is clay-based and topped with washed sand. Both arenas are available for use at any time by any of our boarders.
Round Pen (for buffalo):
A round pen is available for working buffalo with instruction upon request. The approximately 60’ round pen can also be used for exercising or lunging your horse.
Network of Allies:
Rosemarie Fuller is our resident Reining and Working Cow Horse trainer. She is available for lessons and training to boarders as well as outside clients. Veterinary and farrier maintenance occurs on a regular basis at TVS. We rely in Dr. Dennis Rach D.V.M, Dr. Wayne Burwash D.V.M., and Dr. Chad Hewlett D.V.M. for all of our veterinary needs. Kirk Shaw, our farrier, comes weekly to TVS. If blankets become ripped or torn, we can arrange for them to be picked up by Mighty Mare every two weeks. The blankets will be returned, washed and repaired and the customer will be billed directly by Mighty Mare.
There are no scheduled arena times for boarders; however, we do ask that you be considerate of management. Lesson students have right of way in all arenas. The barn and arenas will shut down at 10 pm every night.

Reining and Working Cow Horse training/lessons:
Rosemarie Fuller is the resident trainer at TVS. As a former assistant to Clay Webster, Rose is knowledgeable in starting young horses and advancing the maneuvers of aged horses. Rose’s training fee is $385.00 month + G.S.T. Please call Rose for further information on lessons and training. She can be reached via the barn phone number.
Rosemarie Fuller takes pride in recognizing we are always learning and growing in this industry, no matter what our level, because growth is so imperative, teaching others and learning from others is a focal point for us. We are looking to host several clinics throughout the year. These clinics will be posted as they come available. Call the barn (403-242-4231) for further information on clinics.
Summer Camps and Fun Fridays:
Representing a zest and passion for youth and beginner riders, TVS is looking to provide a knowledgeable education for each stage of rider. Fun Fridays will include an exciting day of gymkhana and games for all levels of rider. More information on summer camps will be posted at a later date.
Buffalo Night:
Every Tuesday evening, starting at 4 pm, we offer buffalo night. Haul-ins are welcome. We will take up to 9 riders, with a first-come, first-serve system. Buffalo nights will feature either Vance Kaglea, Clint Swales, or Rose Fuller.
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