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2500 University Dr Nw Suite: 131
Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4





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The first Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery opened in Calgary on a hot summer day in 1991. We began with a desire to serve excellent coffee and wholesome, healthful food. In the years since, many other coffee shops have opened, but few have matched the authentic appeal of Good Earth. Now Calgary is home to several Good Earth Coffeehouses. While our local company has grown, we have stayed true to our original mission… to be a coffeehouse with good food.

The good food at Good Earth is made-from-scratch from wholesome ingredients. Freshly baked scones and muffins, hearty soups, uncommon sandwiches, delightful salads, and Good Earth’s popular Mac-n-Cheese (the Queen of Comfort Food), are all made fresh in Good Earth’s kitchens every day. Fresh fruit juices, Good Earth’s Granola, refreshing smoothies and frappes round out the menu.

The full espresso menu uses locally roasted coffee beans, for the freshest coffee possible. (Fresher coffee is simply better tasting coffee.) Our coffee is 100% Organic and Shade Grown, grown using techniques that protect biodiversity. We also include Fair Trade beans in all of our coffee. At Good Earth, a friendly, well-trained Barista makes your latte or cappuccino to order, not some automated machine. You’re sure to get a coffee just the way you like it at Good Earth.

Good Earth’s diverse locations express our commitment to communities. Good Earth’s original location is in a friendly urban neighborhood, where many customers walk to the café. Cafes can also be found in shopping centres, on the bike pathways, inside hospitals and libraries, in office towers and at the University of Calgary.
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