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1010 1st Avenue E
Bow Island, Alberta, T0K 0G0



Toll Free: 403-545-2937
Area of Business:Tubular Poly Linings
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Conestoga Canada
736 8th Avenue, Calgary

Polycore Tubular Linings have been extremely effective in eliminating corrosion problems, as well as rod on tubing wear in heavily deviated and horizontal wells. Polycore can help you maximize production and minimize operating costs by:

Reducing service rig time by eliminating rod on tubing wear and tubing corrosion
Reducing the cost of well completions.
Reducing the cost of well workovers.

Polycore's presentation used to facilitate technical discussions can now be accessed on our web site under the Products button. The presentation and can be viewed online or downloaded.

Please contact us at anytime for an informative technical discussion specific to your tubing problems.
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