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Locksmith Ottawa
My office contacts Locksmith Ottawa for locksmith services so I decided to contact them as well for my own home. I wanted to install high security locks in my home over the holidays and I am impressed over the technicians’ work. They worked fast and really knew what they were doing.  
Posted by: JackieLowe 1 month, 9 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Locksmith Barrhaven
I was looking for an auto locksmith because my klutz of a daughter broke her transponder car keys. I contacted Locksmith Barrhaven as suggested by my friends. Their technicians were very polite and got the job done seamlessly. I would recommend Locksmith Barrhaven to anyone with cars.  
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Ottawa Locksmiths
“I was having trouble with my car door opening because of my broken car key. It’s too much of a hassle trying to deal with it every morning before heading out to work. I called Ottawa Locksmiths for a car lock change. They did the job well. My lock works perfectly now!”  
Posted by: GaryLown5 1 month, 14 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
FC Locksmith Ottawa
“Me and boyfriend were in a car lockout situation last weekend. He left the bunch of keys inside the car and we couldn’t break the door since he just borrowed it from his dad. We called FC Locksmith Ottawa. They came very fast and replaced the car key in minutes.”  
Posted by: 1 month, 14 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Achieve Educational Svc Inc
The fantastic factors of college students could be worried, aggravating and forced once they get assignments from their professor. It leads them to ask for writing assist with the fine writing services online. You could encounter lots of writing offerings online and they may be able to direct you to ease your pressure, stress and fear. Hi there have writers who can cope with your assignments of any hard degree.  
Posted by: Weiss Weiss 1 month, 15 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
2 M Laser Supply Inc
I had great experience with the company.  
Posted by: 1 year, 6 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Friends Coffee
Its a great little coffee/sandwich/salad shop that I'm so glad to have found, located on Queen St/east of Bank St. Service is very friendly, and you can sip and relax in their comfy chairs and enjoy the ambiance.  
Posted by: happy customer 1 year, 6 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Wright Tree Services
Do not hire these guys, please ! Returned my call after 3 days and then another 3 days to show up on my backyard very rude and inpolite guy, I guess Robert.. Would not give them a job of tree cutting for free. There is so many other professional guys around.. Make your research before , but dont even bother spending your time with this guy. Rating is less than a Zero ! Thanks  
Posted by: 1 year, 7 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Fraser Likely
I have amazed with Nutbid and their team with extreme knowledge and logic with each creativity. would try for next assignment.  
Posted by: Kely Thoms 1 year, 7 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
VINCI School - Preschool & Elementary for Bright & Gifted Children
Montessori and Reggio inspired preschool, enabled by technology  
Posted by: 1 year, 9 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
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