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540 Admiral Drive
London, Ontario, N5V 4L5



Toll Free: 1-800-461-7695



Area of Business:Building Cleaning and Maintenance
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In 1956 W.I. (Walter) Ambler took over a small manufacturing and distribution business called Swish Chemical Products in Peterborough, ON. He'd go out in the morning and sell, his one employee would deliver the goods in the family station wagon in the afternoon and his wife Lottie would type up the invoices in the evening.

Walter built the business upon what he believed to be simple "truths" which endure to this day:

•Don't waste people's time. Have a purpose and accomplish something tangible.
•Solve customer's problems.
•Deliver more than you promise.
•Treat people the way that you'd like them to treat you.

Over the years the company has grown and expanded with a separate company (Swish Maintenance, Ltd.) having been created to better serve our American clientele.

We've been around since the invention of can liners, floor pads, polymer floor finishes and the wide-spread use of plastics in everything from mop buckets to the tanks on vacuums and floor scrubbers.

We've seen hard floor care evolve from scrub-and-recoat, to spray- buffing to burnishing; carpet care from shampooing to extracting; the introduction of labor saving equipment from pressure washers to ride on scrubbers; washroom systems evolve from moth ball deodorant systems, smelly animal fat hand soaps and interleaf toilet tissue to fully automated hands-free washroom systems; and purchasing systems evolve from a line item buy to a much more cost efficient single source buy.

Throughout it all we've prided ourselves in not only keeping up with the trends but actually leading the charge. We continue to believe today as we did in 1956 that we want to be the best and be viewed as such by our manufacturing partners, our customers and our employees.
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