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Allright Automotive Repair Inc
Disappointing service. Instead of fixing my car, they actually did more damage to my car to it by towing it incorrectly.  
Posted by: steeler2013 1 week, 5 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Moneca Kaiser Design Build
MKDB delivers beautiful interior designer in Ottawa services to residents and businesses. Our brand is renowned in offering green and eco-friendly solutions when it comes to home renovators in Ottawa. We specialize in Kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, living room designs, landscaping, home additions, general renovations and more. We are an award winning Ottawa home design firm with focus on quality and personalization. Our in-depth analysis and attention to detail. Our home designer seamlessly integrates modern and traditional home design elements. Our in-house services complete the finishing touches with precision making your home a personal abode of personalized space. Get in touch services in Ottawa today.  
Posted by: Home Renovation 6 months, 13 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Broadway Bar & Grill
Finest Restaurant in Ottawa  
Posted by: John David 8 months, 8 day(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
District Realty Corp
I hope you like bed bugs, cockroaches, poor management, leaking pipes in storage, over three months of changing a boiler, shut off of water atleast once a week, no notices of it or wet paint signs,I got my coat full of paint and the manager Kevin Kennedy told me it will wash off, thanks only lots of scrubing and half to do laundry, very poor management, noisy like you would not believe for the past year  
Posted by: 1 year, 3 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Derand Motorsport
incompetent group of people who uses racial slurs against their customers, and refuses to follow diagrams leading to blown components. They wished that I would be broadsided by a bus and then by a fire truck. See my youtube video for proof. Takes two day, 17 hours to install kenwood deck and still manages to screw it up. Had to go elsewhere to have it redone. They should not be in business. I am in the process of major legal action. 7 hours of video as evidence. Andre is nothing but a liar and does not take responsibility for his actions. He passes the buck. my advice to anyone is to not go their. Gerardus Vriend  
Posted by: Vriend 1 year, 3 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Online Casino Canada
I recently came across this site in a search for a new online casino and I have been amazed since! A casino comparison site I never ever knew existed. I was so excited when I used this site as all the information you need is in one place, wow! It delivers exceptional information. It's easy to navigate round the site and the choice of casinos is huge. It even has a review section on each casino which is really handy.  
Posted by: Online Casino Canada Reviews 1 year, 4 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (1) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Team Bushido Mma Fitness Center
I would look elsewhere.  
Posted by: mike 1 year, 5 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
pros: fairly big 1 bedroom new windows tuck shop low noise levels cons: the unit stinks at all times(if you have tenants in the nearby units cooking your place will smell, and smell bad) awful smell in hallway bathroom smells bad, always lots of dust, I mean LOTS comparatively expensive for 1 bdrm on site staff lack social and cust service skills elevators constantly breaking down  
Posted by: 1 year, 7 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Snobby's Barbershop
I went to snobby's because I heard there was a nice old man who had been cutting hair there for years. I went today and it seems that he has sold the place to a younger man who didn't really do the job right. I needed my hair to be a certain way for continuity purposes, I showed him a picture of what I needed, and said I need it even a bit longer than what was shown. He then proceeded to cut my hair significantly shorter than what I asked for. So now my hair looks bad and what's even worse will mess with my work. The only reason I went there was because my regular barber was too busy, I'll never go there again.  
Posted by: customer1985 1 year, 8 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
Moveottawa Movers
MoveOttawa did an amazing job moving me from Ottawa to Toronto. The move was done in March but didn't get around to writing a review. The moving team was amazing. Their booking process is simple. The flat binding quote was exactly as promised. Highly recommended!!  
Posted by: 1 year, 10 month(s) ago   thumbup Agree (0) thumbdown Disagree (0)
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