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1221 Canyon Meadows Drive South East Suite 186
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Area of Business:Eating Place
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M&M Meat Shops Ltd. was founded in the summer of 1980 in Kitchener, Ontario, with the first store opening in October of that year. The original idea for the company (generated by Mac and Mark, hence the name M&M) was simple – create a place where people could purchase choice cuts of restaurant-quality meat and specialty food items at reasonable prices.
The original product selection of 62 items (mostly frozen), were originally only available in hotels and restaurants. That is, until we brought them to M&M. Today, the M&M product line has expanded to over 375 products, including everything from elegant appetizers, classic one-dish meals, single servings, internationally-inspired entrees and delicious desserts made with only the finest ingredients from around the world. As always, our products are designed to meet the changing needs of consumers and offer convenience, taste, good value and exceptional quality.
Over the past two decades, we’ve adapted to many changes in the food industry, including the mainstream use of microwave ovens, the demand for more heat n’ serve foods, a growing enthusiasm for outdoor barbecuing, the expectations of an increasingly health-conscious society and changes in frozen food technology. Just like the original 62 products that were offered in 1980, today’s M&M products are developed using a method called flash-freezing. This process freezes food at extremely low temperatures in a matter of seconds, preserving the natural texture, taste and nutrients of foods so that when it’s time to prepare, the great taste comes through.

From the start, M&M Meat Shops Ltd. believed in the importance of building and rewarding loyalty to the M&M brand. It’s why customer service became the backbone of our retail environment, and why we’ve always listened to the input of our customers. Over the years, we’ve created a strong brand identity, from our unique no-nonsense packaging, to the creation of our M&M MAX program, which offers special discounts and rewards to our loyal M&M customers.

Along the way, M&M has received a number of prestigious awards – we’ve been named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies three times, we’ve won numerous awards from the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) for excellence in franchise relations, and we’ve also collected national awards for our achievements in marketing, advertising and community relations. But, in keeping with our humble beginnings, perhaps one of the most memorable M&M moments was setting the Guinness Record for the World’s Longest Sausage (in fact, we’ve held this title twice!).

The growth of M&M has followed a steady rise over the years. The first franchise was opened in June 1981, just nine months after the first store opened in Kitchener. By 1989, we had opened our 50th store, followed by our 100th store opening just three years later. In 1991, we started our cross-country expansion to other provinces. Today, we rank as Canada’s largest chain of frozen food stores with more than 460 locations stretching from coast to coast – you can find M&M in every single province and territory.

We like to think that the history of M&M Meat Shops is truly a Canadian success story!
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